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A new article in the International Journal of Cultural Policy looks at India's focus on "international cultural relations."

The first Africa Business Summit of NRI forum Gopio began with a call to diaspora Indians to help develop the economies of their own countries and India, using resources they have built over the decades. The three-day summit in Durban organised by Global Organisation of People of Indian Origin (Gopio), a non-profit global movement to fight human rights violation of overseas Indians, has brought together 200 delegates from across the globe. [...] It's known that "Indians at all levels continue to set an example and play a role in uplifting the countries where they find themselves." 

[The prime minister] announced a slew of new procedures to help people of Indian origin (PIOs) in Girmitiya countries (where PIOs are descendents of indentured Indian labourers) obtain overseas citizen of India (OCI) cards even if they had left India four or five generations back. Along with Surinamers, PIOs from countries like Fiji, the Reunion Island, Guyana and other Caribbean states will benefit from the new norms. 


One of the rising voices in West Coast Rap, Raja Kumari puts her Indian-American identity front and center.

UWI Hindu Society Divali 2016, by Anax44

How non-state actors have the potential to further Indian public diplomacy.

About 30 million people of Indian origin form the global Indian diaspora. They wield economic, intellectual and political clout in several countries of the world. A number of Indian-origin politicians have become the rulers and political leaders in several countries. [...] The Indian diaspora abroad has a history going back to hundreds of years.

August 23, 2016

It is the imperative to include overseas Indians in India’s economic development and to take care of their needs and aspirations. Successive governments have been vying with each other to give more and more concessions to them as acknowledgment of their contribution by way of remittances, investment, lobbying for India, promoting Indian culture abroad and for building a good image of India by their intelligence and industry.