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SlinCraze inspires Sámi youth with rap music

Can rap music help make an endangered language relevant to 21st century youth? 

A Gwich'in woman is using social media to get people speaking one of the most endangered languages in Canada. Although nearly 10,000 Gwich'in people live in the Northwest Territories, Yukon and Alaska, a United Nations study estimates just a few hundred fluent speakers of the Gwich'in language are left.

This new article from education scholars José Francisco Martínez and Robert Myers defines and assesses the quality of preschool education available to Mexico's indigenous communities, and finds that more can be done to promote cultural inclusion and understanding.

First-ever World Indigenous Games held in Brazil

CCTV takes viewers inside the Amazon for a look at the historic games.

Chinese linguist helps to save Tanzanian languages

This video from CCTV showcases the work of a Chinese linguist to safeguard a tribal Tanzanian language.

Every year, about 120 students in the National University of Singapore (NUS) are busy preparing for the biggest student production in campus: NUANSA Cultural Productions. It is an annual show which was started as a humble initiative in 2008 by a group of Indonesian students in NUS, aiming to showcase the diverse and rich Indonesian culture to the Singaporean community. 

Can Michael Jackson resurrect an ancient language? - BBC Trending

How do you preserve an ancestral language while making it relevant for this generation? A teenager in Peru is using pop music to promote interest in Quechua.