Israel is looking for exceptional women entrepreneurs in India in order to fly them to Tel Aviv for the "Start Tel Aviv" competition. The Embassy of Israel in cooperation withTiE Delhi-NCR will hold the India finals for the competition on August 12. The competition is an annual global event organised by the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) and Tel Aviv Municipality

Is Pokémon Go a game changer for the Japanese economy? Is it a sign that Silicon Valley-style innovation is reinvigorating corporate Japan’s notoriously insular management? Might this be the first big success story for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s “Cool Japan” initiative, a key element in the structural reforms promised but so far undelivered by Abenomics?

Foreign policy was once the bastion of the elites. In military, diplomatic and humanitarian affairs, nation-states and the small group of individuals and institutions that governed their actions used primarily kinetic and broadcast channels to influence the actions of others. Control was largely exerted through hierarchical structures, and collective action through industrial organizations. Digital technology has radically shifted this reality by flattening the operating environment in which global affairs is conducted.

It's a crisis that has spiraled out of control with more than 65 million people now called refugees around the globe. As hundreds of young socially conscious innovators from around the globe meet in the Silicon Valley this week with investors seeking to back their projects at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES), one unique organisation is seeking to tackle the unfolding disaster by reframing the entire way those fleeing their countries because of war or persecution are treated.

Now, acting as the US State Department's Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs, Stengel sat down with AJ+ presenter Dena Takuri on Wednesday to discuss the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES). The gathering brings together more than 1,000 young innovators, investors, and government officials with the goal of establishing socially and environmentally conscious businesses around the world.

The three-day cultural event featured folk performances and exhibitions that featured the cultures of both countries. [...] Ijgyarto reiterated the importance of cultural cooperation between countries, since no political or economic cooperation is possible without cultural cooperation. In other words, what is important besides political and economic relationships is people-to-people contact.