Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE:NOC) has partnered with G'Day USA to create the inaugural Emerging Innovators Xchange conference. The unique, day-long forum featured Australian and American innovators and technologies from across industries. Its goal was to increase public diplomacy and global partnership through innovation.

United States Ambassador to India, Richard Verma, has said technology and innovation is redefining relations between Washington and New Delhi. [...] The US envoy said science and tech diplomacy is not new - during the Cold War, science served a common language that helped bridge political and cultural divides.

The UAE has prospered, and it wants to heal the world through acts of generosity. Humanitarian projects and aid will reach 130 million people through the Mohammed bin Rashid Global Initiatives which brings together of 28 organisations focusing on fighting poverty, spreading knowledge and culture, empowering the community, and driving innovation. The foundation will implement over 1,400 human development programmes in more than 116 countries around the world, said our report.

The United States is incredibly divided at the moment. Republicans and Democrats despise one another. There is no substantial effort to come to a consensus on any number of issues. Instead of working to find common ground, Americans are seemingly content to continue bickering like siblings on a family vacation. [...] But what if the solution to many of our problems was as simple as a train journey across the country?

MasterCard announced today (April 4) that it has entered into a partnership with the international humanitarian aid organization World Vision through which it will support that group’s efforts with its own expertise, products and services.

Former teacher and professional wrestler Hiroshi Hase, Japan’s Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, discusses the impact the 2020 Olympics is having on the country’s infrastructure, attitude to sport, education sector, and spirit of innovation.

Armenia and Turkey have long been at odds. Divided over a tragic past, the neighboring countries do not have diplomatic ties, and their border remains closed. Despite this, in November 2014, a group of Turks traveled to Armenia for Startup Weekend, an event where aspiring entrepreneurs hone and pitch their ideas to investors and experts.

The purpose of the exhibition is both public diplomacy and making science accessible to Israelis. A recent Ministry of Science survey painted a worrying picture regarding the Israeli public's familiarity with scientific topics and central figures.