international advocacy

In the UN Palace of Nations, ‘The International Law of Youth Rights’ was launched. It contains both source document and commentary on the historical trends to elaborate and codify international instruments and standards in this field, as well as action taken by governmental, intergovernmental, and non-governmental organizations to promote and protect youth rights. 

On Monday evening, Facebook FB +1.05% COO Sheryl Sandberg announced in Berlin the launch of a new campaign against extremist speech on the Internet, called Online Civil Courage Initiative (OCCI). The initiative is supported by the German Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection [...]

Although 2015 had its fair share of international tragedy, tourism worldwide continued on an upward trend. International tourism arrivals — or the number of people visiting countries other than their own — grew 4.4% to 1.18 billion last year, according to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

The repeated terrorist attacks in Paris and the disputes within UNESCO between Japan and its neighbors highlight the danger that culture can become a source of international confrontation.

January 12, 2016

In new photographs, the American artist Taryn Simon captures a different kind of flower power: bouquets that sat on the tables where world leaders were brokering deals. [...] Simon imported four thousand botanical specimens from the world’s largest flower market, in the Netherlands, and created three dozen still-lifes, evoking diplomatic accords made between 1968 and 2014.

The Vatican’s diplomatic corps is among the oldest in existence, with some of its bilateral relationships, such as with Spain, dating to the 15th century. More than once, people have questioned the need for the Vatican to have such a sovereign standing. Yet arguments in favor of the Vatican’s unique status are also abundant, including its track record for making a difference […]

A Congolese hip-hop artist exiled in a Malawian refugee camp is determined to fight xenophobia with his music.

Online activism is a frequently debated topic amongst journalists and researchers alike. What effect can a popular Twitter hashtag really have in achieving political or social change? Wasim Ahmed looks in depth at last year’s heavily tweeted #ThisIsACoup hashtag. While concrete outcomes may still be indeterminate, [...] social media is now a rich space for activism, expressions of solidarity and information sharing.