international advocacy

Each year Maxim Holland, an artist, curator and the originator of Tambo Films [...] chooses a new destination for his mysterious HAWAPI events. These independent happenings take artists and other cultural players deep into remote Peru to create site-specific projects in “challenging locations” that have been adversely effected by social, political, or environmental issues, and to create new and vibrant works.

Image Nation Abu Dhabi has launched a schools outreach program to coincide with the upcoming release of the film He Named Me Malala. The program aims to raise awareness in the UAE about the global education crisis, inspiring students to value their own education and become advocates for education around the world.

Kickstarter, in what The New York Times calls its “first social service campaign” has partnered with the United Nations Refugee Agency for a week long campaign to raise funds to support Syrian refugees as they build new lives for themselves in Europe.