international advocacy

November 19, 2015

According to the United Nations, a child dies every 20 seconds because of poor sanitation. They are dying from diseases linked to inadequate facilities, unhygienic living conditions and a lack of clean water supplies. It is with all this in mind that this Thursday, World Toilet Day, the spotlight is being pointed at the link between sanitation and nutrition, in an attempt to raise awareness of the importance of toilets...

November 11 is commemorated as Veteran's Day in the United States. But in the UK, France, and other nations, it's remembered as Armistice Day, the day in 1918 when the pointless carnage of World War I came to a halt. This connection to a conflict that killed 17 million people, and accomplished nothing positive as a consequence, makes Armistice Day an appropriate time to reflect on the human costs of war.

November 12, 2015

Art, as typically viewed in austere galleries, labyrinthine museums or collectors’ homes, is incredibly removed from its raw materials—nature. [...] It’s a type of denial of nature, even though humanity’s advanced culture is still part of nature. But with her series inconsequence / in consequence, artist Alison Moritsugu brings the natural world back into the gallery with new works that [...] highlight environmental urgencies.

Young women [in Uganda] there confided in [Diana Sierra]: It was difficult, they said, to go to school while on their periods […] Today, Sierra’s company Be Girl is working to ensure that all girls who want to go to school can—even when they’re menstruating. Be Girl’s underwear and reusable sanitary pads include waterproof pouches that can be stuffed with any absorbent material, like cloth, cotton or toilet paper.

Several years ago, Erin Zaikis was working in rural Thailand. She was surprised to see how many children in the village didn’t wash their hands with soap, much less know what soap was. In 2013 Zaikis founded Sundara, a nonprofit working to improve hygiene and prevent disease in poor communities in India, Uganda and Myanmar by recycling used bars of hotel soap. 

Ahead of crucial election, musicians rail against government-sanctioned repression of persecuted Rohingya minority. The band Side Effect is one of Myanmar's most popular punk rock bands and among a growing number of musicians rallying to combat hate speech. The performance came as religious tensions escalate in the former military dictatorship leading up to a landmark general election on Sunday.

The Outpost, a magazine founded by Ibrahim Nehme, is more than just an optimistic rallying cry for fellow Arabs. Through rich, original storytelling, he’s determined to show them the beauty of their own countries, while also nudging foreign readers toward a more well-rounded perception of the region. The magazine’s very existence, Nehme hopes, can become a catalyst for change for all involved.

More than a million Mexicans subscribe to internet comedy star Chumel Torres' YouTube channel, El Pulso de la Republica, the country's most successful independent satirical show. Twice a week, Torres, 33, uses the ample supply of public corruption, embarrassing mismanagement and other hot-button issues that plague Mexico to script his show, delivered mainly straight to the camera with an array of props [...]