GW’s Museum Studies Program, part of the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, announced plans to launch the Iraqi Museum Residency Program to provide museum professionals from Iraq unique learning opportunities and behind-the-scenes access to some of America’s top museums.

In this video, we visit one of the showcases of that Turkish penetration across the border into Iraq’s semi autonomous Kurdish region, at the glitziest shopping mall in the Kurdish enclave.

Now that Iraq's lawmakers have come together to form a government, ending a stalemate that left the country rudderless for months, U.S. diplomats are focusing on another divide—ethnic tensions in the north that threaten to rip the country asunder.

Iranian ice cream parlor Ice Pack wants to challenge U.S. fast-food hegemony around the world. They've got some catching up to do. When you think of soft power being used throughout the world, it's generally American brands, American music, American food, American culture.

Religious leaders across different faiths joined together with Open Doors, a ministry that serves persecuted Christians around the world, on Monday to call attention to the systematic "extermination" of Iraqi Christians.

Iraq is back in the news, making headlines for the horrific attack on a Baghdad Catholic church that left 58 dead. It is yet another event that has widened the gap in American-Iraqi understanding and one that, for me, only reinforces the need for more opportunities for exchange and interaction between our two countries.

Director-General of the culture and art office of Iraq's northern city of Sulaymaniyah voiced the Kurdish region's willingness to use Iran's experiences in cultural fields.

Young Iraqi refugees in Syria are in touch with US kids thanks to a novel idea to bring them together via web chats and video conferences. From there, friendships have blossomed