Britain's government has suspended the distribution of an animated film designed to stop young Muslims from becoming Islamic extremists. The short movie, called "Wish You Waziristan", is a cautionary tale about two British brothers who travel to the Pakistan-Afghanistan border region in order to become jihadi fighters after seeing a racist beating.

A prominent Muslim leader says he expects the death of Osama Bin Laden to usher in a new, positive era of U.S.-Muslim relations, helping Americans to distinguish extremist terrorists from the mainstream Islamic faith.

In Indonesia, home to 205 million Muslims — the greatest Islamic population in any nation— the administration recently opened in an upscale shopping mall a state-of-the-art, high-tech cultural centre. It is focused specifically on the country’s vast number of teenagers and twentysomethings.

Baku, Fineko/ II Forum "Public diplomacy" of the member states of the Islamic Conference (OIC) held at the initiative of the Turkish-Asian Centre for Strategic Studies (TASAM) on 30-31 March in Istanbul.

Two U.S. State Department employees — one who speaks out against anti-Semitism, the other against Islamaphobia – have teamed up to promote a global campaign to get young people to combat racial, ethnic and religious bigotry by volunteering their time for people unlike them.

Strongly condemning the desecration of the Holy Quran in Florida, the United States, Ulema on Friday urged the Muslim Ummah to adopt a comprehensive strategy to help check such incidents and to avoid confontration among the followers of different religions.

The civil society in Indonesia and Lebanon must improve their cooperation in education. This cooperation network was aimed so that both countries could play a more active role in achieving world peace.