March 16, 2009

Writer Usama Hussein recently reported on an increase in both anti-Semitic and Islamophobic attacks in the United Kingdom, including one attack against a London synagogue and one on the daughter of a Muslim leader in London.  The fact that such violence came after flare-ups in Gaza showed many nations that a top public diplomacy priority involves facilitating real dialogue, within and beyond their borders, among Jews and Muslims.  Indeed, ten

Summary:  The Gaza crisis has once again highlighted the growing significance of public diplomacy and information campaigns during global conflicts.  In 2006, Israel suffered a significant public diplomacy setback during its summer war with Hezbollah.  In spite of a renewed focus and some notable improvements to its communication strategy, Israel has once again sustained a blow to its image, while Hamas’ popularity, among Palestinians in particular, has increased in the aftermath of the war. 

Israel will highlight innovation in its pavilion at World Expo 2010 along with putting a spotlight on ancient Jewish culture.

Andy Sternberg provided invaluable research support for this report.

There’s a new “bee” character on a Hamas TV children's show that encourages viewers to be martyrs.

Nahoul the bee wants kids to follow him into “martyrdom” along with his Mickey Mouse look-alike “cousin” Farfur, who was beaten to death by an “Israeli” in a previous episode, reports BBC monitoring.