Israeli public diplomacy

Do not overlook domestic actors impacting public diplomacy, writes Jitka Pánek Jurková in a recent edition of the Polish Political Science Yearbook. 

He broke down European opinion on Israel into three broad camps: "One third of the population is very Left, they hate Israel and won't be persuaded otherwise. Another third are essentially pro-Israel, and another third just don't care [...] Focusing on the latter two camps should be the aim of Israeli public diplomacy, he advised, not trying in vain to sway the haters within the EU or elsewhere. 

Last week, the Jerusalem Post announced a new joint venture between the Israeli Prime Minister's office and StandWithUS, a nonprofit organization, aimed at training university students on how to use social media to educate the world about Israel. 

There was a strong diplomatic presence, including Ambassador Shapiro, at the Tel Aviv Gay Pride Parade in 2012

Are there too many cooks in Israeli PD? CPD Blogger Ilan Manor answers.