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The ten most notable PD moments from 2015.

A fresh and ambitious Justin Trudeau administration has mainstreamed the climate change agenda into its foreign policy engagement with Thailand, but comprehensive bilateral relations must await a return to democracy in Thailand, says Canada's ambassador to Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia. 


Canadian PM Justin Trudeau greets Syrian refugees in Toronto

This video from Guardian News shows Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau greeting Syrian refugees as they arrive in the Toronto airport and showcases the Canadian prime minister's smart use of public diplomacy to engage with refugees who will become Canadian citizens. 

A spread in Vogue magazine. A photo-op at the airport as the first of 25,000 Syrian refugees touched down on Canadian soil. A glittering dinner at the White House. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau may not have had the easiest start to his mandate as Canada’s economy struggles back to life, but he seems to understand the power of imagery, agreed the West Block’s panel of experts this weekend.

Repeatedly, Trudeau explained this past week that these were promises that he made to get elected, which were based on listening to Canadians. [...]"We are already seeing that soft power, not hard power, will define Mr. Trudeau's global security policies and international engagements."

The Paris terror attacks are seen by many as testament to the need for hard power when dealing with the Islamic State – this while the new Canadian Prime Minister has been preaching, and was elected on, a soft power Liberal line.

Trudeau got a kick-start on the foreign policy front last week, visiting the newly renamed Global Affairs Canada [...] "It radiates out, and you see the sense of openness and … the public diplomacy – the sense of building connections," Cooper said.

Trudeau said he and his cabinet will rely on the diplomats' assessments and first-hand knowledge to advance Canada's foreign policy agenda.[...] "And so sending this letter to our ambassadors and high commissioners -- and essentially giving them freedom to do public diplomacy like the rest of the world -- is very positive sign."