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Oscar-nominated Winter on Fire is bringing international attention back to Ukraine.

Is it time to redraw the world's fashion map? Cities like London, Paris, New York and Milan have sustained their status as leading world fashion capitals for more than half a century.

The fact that families run from a war zone is heartbreaking but hardly unexpected. (...) Most of those who fled were Russian speakers from the east, but this still raises a sobering question: If this is a conflict between Ukraine and Russia, why did so many Ukrainians choose to cast their lot with the enemy?

As Ukraine's political divisions play out on the geopolitical stage, the country also faces an unsettling schism among its main churchgoers.  Now Filaret says that Ukraine's growing political crisis is a signal from above that it's time to unite all of the Orthodox faithful into a single church.

Among the hotly contested disputes between Russia and Ukraine is a recipe: chicken Kiev. Christiane Amanpour reports.

Less than a week before Crimea's referendum, emotions are running high. Residents of the southeast Ukrainian peninsula who want to see their region cede from the nation and officially become part of Russia sense victory is round the corner. The U.S. and Europe say the vote -- and the Russian invasion that prompted it -- are illegal, but CBS News' Elizabeth Palmer reports that thousands of pro-Russia demonstrators on the streets of regional capital Sevastopol don't care.

Three months after the first anti-government protests in Ukraine, the country has experienced its deadliest day of political violence, with nine people dying in clashes between demonstrators and police. The beating heart of the pro-Europe, anti-Russia 'Euromaidan' movement is in Kiev's Independence Square (in Ukrainian, Maidan Nezalezhnosti), and the square is currently in flames after a day of police firing rubber bullets at protesters wielding molotov cocktails and fireworks.

Ukrainian pole vault legend Sergey Bubka on Sunday said the protests rocking Ukraine would not harm its ambitious bid to host the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in the western city of Lviv. Bubka said holding the Winter Olympics in Ukraine would help unite his divided nation.