language diplomacy

The project is part of the new MEITS (Multilingualism - Empowering Individuals, Transforming Societies) project based at the University of Cambridge, and funded by the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council. [...] Professor Ayres-Bennett said the MEITS project aims to instill a greater understanding of the health and social benefits of learning a language, particularly to help resolve conflict in troubled areas of the world. She added that languages can have a role in building peace and cohesion.

Headlines explore the power of language to help bridge global communication and cultural gaps.

Mark Zuckerberg Wishes Happy Lunar New Year in Chinese

The Facebook founder shows off his language diplomacy skills in a special Mandarin Chinese Lunar New Year greeting.

A Palestinian who teaches Hebrew and an Israeli Jew who teaches Arabic: Two men in love with their enemy's language, who hope teaching it can boost mutual understanding.

December 19, 2015

Three main strands run through the narrative: learning Japanese, creating camaraderie with Keio University students, and acquiring extropy. That ambassadors come and go is a truism. Yet, precious few make a permanent mark on the country and people where they are accredited. Aftab Seth is one such scholar-diplomat. 

Similarities Between Spanish And Arabic

This new video from USC Annenberg Media explores the similarities between the Arabic and Spanish languages, and reveals how language diplomacy can connect two seemingly diverse cultural communities in conversation. 

TALMA, the Israel Program for Excellence in English, is in its second year. This year the program brought 80 teachers from the United States for a summer English program in umpteen public schools across four Israeli municipalities. [...] For Israeli children, the program seeks to close social gaps by advancing their English-language abilities, regardless of financial background or religious affiliation.

The Romanian Cultural Institute in New York is organizing the first ever Festival of the Romanian Language in [the] USA and Canada. Famous artists from Romania have been invited to the three-day event.