The event was hosted by China's Confucius Institute in Morocco. It's the second time the Chinese bridge competition has taken place here. On Saturday 26 contestants from across the country took part -- and their ages ranged from 14 to 62 years old Tkassit Abdullah. The theme of composition this year is "China and I".

Only after it regains confidence in its culture, the Chinese nation, which has a beautiful language, will get enough say in international affairs, be able to compete with other countries in various fields such as economy and culture, carry forward its civilization, and contribute greatly to global cultural exchanges.

The co-founder of Wikipedia says the languages of Yoruba in West Africa and Swahili in East Africa are the most popular among the several African languages being used on the online encyclopedia..."For a long time there was this sort of cultural concern...

Figures from Germany's culture and language promotion agency, the Goethe Institute, show that people in southern Europe -- where unemployment is high, particularly among the young -- are clamoring to learn German. Other official data show immigration to Germany from Spain, Greece and Portugal is up sharply.

Language and educational exchanges have always been a defining feature of the U.S.-China relationship. Meet Jessica Beinecke, a Voice of America journalist who decided that she could leverage all the web 2.0 tools at her disposal to create a show that taught Chinese youth American slang.

The Chinese mainland and Taiwan jointly launched a multimedia database offering free access to Chinese linguistic literature on line. The database is expected to facilitate learning and research of the Chinese language across the world.

The Chinese language course was designed as part of the ROK’s public and complex diplomacy aimed at strengthening the capacity for conducting diplomatic activities involving Chinese citizens and promoting the friendship between the youth of the two countries.

Guangzhou's new Waqqas Mosque is one of many of China's recent forays into Islamic infrastructure -- a market that promises to earn Beijing as much in soft power with the resource-rich Muslim world as it does contract revenues.