Free Russian language courses organized by the Russian-Georgian community center, together with the Russian Foundation for Public Diplomacy named after Gorchakov, began being held in Tbilisi. 

The ambassadors of different French speaking nations have hosted an opening reception of Francophonie Festival with an array of cultural events here at Pakistan National Council of the Arts.

Friday is International Day of Francophonie. Ireland ranks high in Europe for use of French but we must not lose this language link between the two countries. French is not only the language of arts, culture and diplomacy, it is another language of business.

In his new report "Language as 'Soft Power' in Bilateral Relations: The Case of Indonesian Language in Australia," David T. Hill examines enrollment trends in Indonesian language studies in Australian universities, in the context of Indonesia's public diplomacy and Australian government educational policy, updating enrollment data and trend analysis from the 2012 National Report on "Indonesian in Australian Universities: Strategies for a Stronger Future."

Diplomacy, like negotiation and card playing, is an old, traditional ‘art’. To succeed at all three, the player needs an edge over his or her opponents, an edge based on preparation, confidence and cultural acuity. The more you know going in, the greater your chances of ultimate success.

The web is about to have its big bang. About 1,000 new generic top-level domain names, or gTLDs (the last bit of an internet address, such as the com in will come into existence this year. On Feb. 4, anybody will be able to create and start running a website on the first of the new domains.