The aim of this edited volume is to bring together perspectives and areas in public diplomacy that are under-explored. 

Unless the Pakistani state changes its tack, the country will continue to lag behind on not just development indices but also reel under jihadism and insecurity. The future of Pakistan depends upon how it deals with its identity, image, and the dissenters who wish to contribute to improving it.

May’s focus was on the need to ensure that the benefits of "liberalism and globalisation" are more evenly distributed.  For her, the EU referendum and the US presidential election should be read as wake-up call. Important as this analysis may be for electoral politics, it does not set out a clear road map for the UK’s future foreign policy.

September 27, 2016

A photo exhibition titled "Sustainable Living Space in the EU" is being presented by members of the EU delegation to Korea in Seoul and Busan Sept. 25 to Oct 12. [...] The event is part of the EU's global initiative — EU Climate Diplomacy Week — aiming to raise public awareness on climate issues.