Half the aid workers in Afghanistan received death treats or intimidation during the past year as foreign troops phased out their operations and funding began to dwindle, a survey released ahead of the London conference on Afghanistan said.

In less than two weeks, Afghanistan’s new president, Ashraf Ghani, will head to London to meet with international donors. At the conference, scheduled for Dec. 4, he will seek billions of dollars to develop Afghanistan in a new era, as U.S. and international combat troops are preparing to withdraw by year's end. Afghanistan is facing a fiscal crisis; it recently ran out of money to pay salaries of civil servants.

This isn’t fusion cooking so much as look-what-happens-when-we-all-get-along cooking. Skipping across continents, he takes the food of his native land as well as its less-friendly neighbors, leaps to southeast Asia, and returns to host an informal brunch or an impromptu dinner party.

A milestone event in the history of the Internet took place last week and Canada’s National Ballet was right there in the thick of it. Five major international troupes digitally opened their doors to the world in a first-of-its-kind webcast called World Ballet Day.

Britain made a plea for international help to deal with the world's worst Ebola outbreak at the start of a conference in London on Thursday, with one charity warning that five people are being infected with the virus every hour in Sierra Leone.

Food diplomacy initiatives are increasingly being recognized as a successful means to open up peace dialogue as a result of our increasingly cosmopolitan palettes. Food is one of the oldest forms of exchange, with yet untapped recognition to deliver social conflict transformation. With this in mind, International Alert's Conflict Kitchen London opens up a new avenue to pursue peace dialogue by taking people on a tantalizing journey exploring new culinary experiences.

Pro-independence flyers in Scotland

CPD Advisory Board Member Kounalakis on what gets lost when independence is gained.

London crowds can get ready to lose themselves at the sight of Eminem, who will be the first rapper to headline at the Wembley Stadium in July.  The show will be Marshall Mathers' first London concert in 13 years and he’ll play to a 90,000-capacity stadium.