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University of Porto (Portugal) faculty discuss how the Euopean Union relates to Macau via digital and financial avenues.

The relocation of the exhibition marks the next stage in the cooperation agreement established between the MSAR and the Macau Scientific and Cultural Center of Portugal’s Ministry of Education and Science, which aims to provide a platform for Chinese and Portuguese cultural exchange. The exhibition showcases a selection of over 100 records that illustrate the historical background of the Macau diaspora around the world.

In a tour that includes visits to Hong Kong, Macau, Shanghai, Beijing and Japan, the Philadelphia Orchestra is expanding its connection with the people of China through additional avenues beyond sold-out concerts. More than a tour that focuses exclusively on music, this 2016 tour includes social cross-cultural components as well.

North Koreans in China are being ordered to return to Pyongyang in what many fear is the next stage of a purge of those associated with the executed senior bureaucrat Chang Sung Taek. Business people in border regions close to the Chinese cities of Dandong and Shenyang, as well as in the trading enclave of Macau, report that large numbers of North Korean traders were summoned home on Saturday amid concerns about their likely fate.

With the aim of promoting Asian art and cultural exchange, the organizer also invited 16 local artists from different generations to present Macau art ecology’s “today and tomorrow” through a hundred artworks. At “Being Asia” about sixty artworks by thirty-five young Korean and Japanese artists have been selected from twenty reputable galleries to reflect the changing Asian societies and cultures.