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A migrant family

CPD Research Fellow Tara Ornstein on changing the public perception of migrants.

Malaysia will lead ASEAN as it sits on the so-called top table of the world, the powerful UN Security Council

While health workers on the ground continue to struggle to contain the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, the United Nations, international nongovernmental organizations and other donors are appealing to the private sector for help.

China gets upgraded in the 2014 Trafficking in Persons Report for better efforts in battling against human trafficking in the country. The report, released by the U.S. State Department which is tasked with bilateral and multilateral diplomacy for trafficking in persons, ranks each country according to four tiers based on their compliance to the Trafficking Victims Protection Act. 

It is clear that the GCC states have blended their soft power, wealth, media influence and undertaken bold initiatives to deal with the host of challenges and changes in a new Middle East, where the forces of realignment are at work. The GCC has its task cut out at this critical juncture in Arab history.

This a limit of China's projection of soft power, and maybe this is 'Chinese characteristics'. But in my view, the experiences of others show that you project your soft power not by the government, but mainly by civil society organisations.

Looking for a sign of when the multipolar moment suddenly seemed real? You could do worse than mark the day when Brazil and Turkey -- two of the world's most avidly internationalist emerging powers -- joined together this May to announce they had stepped in to broker a nuclear-fuel swap deal with Iran that potentially -- though sadly not actually -- paved the way toward a peaceful solution to the standoff.