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The first China-Africa Public Diplomacy Forum opened on Tuesday in the capital of Tanzania, Dar es Salaam. [...] the event discussed building a comprehensive partnership as cooperation between China and Africa are cementing in various fields. Much room exists for China and Africa to explore public diplomacy, especially media service cooperation.

With Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visiting Iran, there's been lots of talk in Delhi about the relationship between our two countries. But for me, a holiday I had in Iran last year told me more about our middle eastern neighbour than any political pundit could.

A major exhibition by Emirati artists has opened in Washington DC, the first leg of an 18-month tour of the US. More than 50 works by 25 Emirati artists, selected to be accessible to American viewers, will also visit Texas, California and other places.


Engaging foreign publics is now essential to a nation’s international relations. This public dimension of diplomacy is not only global in nature, but also involves a multitude of actors and networks. The CPD Annual Review explores the global trends that are shaping the expanding field of public diplomacy.

. Alternatively, the Obama administration could heed the recommendation of a recent Atlantic Council report by "[d]esignating a small number of US and private Iranian financial institutions as channels for payment for humanitarian, educational, and public diplomacy-related transactions carefully licensed by the US Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control."

Georgia has invented a new kind of public diplomacy - "cycle diplomacy." "The project goal: to discover a new Georgia for the Azerbaijani society, strengthen friendly ties, promote a healthy lifestyle, classical, folk and extreme sports, advertise companies, attract business partners, tourists in Georgia, etc. It is planned a reception by President Ilham Aliyev of Azerbaijan in Baku, meetings with the population in 26 large cities and regions," it was reported.

lle Obama has already made support of the 100,000 Strong Initiative, which aims to send more American students to China, a core part of her international agenda. "Studying in countries like China isn't only about your prospects in the global marketplace," she said in 2011. "It's also about whether you can come together, and work together with them to make our world stronger."

In the eyes of the U.S. Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, the events of Sept. 11, 2001 revealed that public diplomacy efforts with predominantly Muslims countries had been neglected for many years. Soon afterwards they helped establish the Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange Study (YES) program.