mutual understanding

Each country has a sizable diaspora from its neighbour – Tajikistan’s population is 15% Uzbek, while Uzbekistan’s is 5% Tajik – and shared cultural values. Those factors indicate that public diplomacy, an approach used frequently in Central Asia, could lead to significant progress in bilateral ties, observers say.

Since 1997, IMAN has utilised arts as a vehicle for social change and to build bridges among communities and cultures. It also works closely with an international network of over 400 artists. This work includes artistic retreats, developmental workshops, and cultural exchanges.

Hu said the two sides should expand cultural and people-to-people exchanges and use the occasion of celebrating the 40th anniversary of normalizing ties to develop a long-term plan for exchanges in the areas of youth, young cadres, culture, tourism, media and local governments so as to improve mutual understanding and friendly feelings between the two peoples.

...the event was organized around the launch of the U.S. studio of the Russian news service, 'The Voice of Russia.' Moreover, this distinguished group of experts gathered to discuss not how to block the Russian broadcast in the U.S. but rather to offer advice on how it might be more effective.

The USC Center on Public Diplomacy was pleased to host CPD Research Fellow (2009-2011), Dr. Kathy Fitzpatrick. Professor Fitzpatrick spoke about her ongoing research project on U.S. Mutual Understanding.

APDS Blogger: Emina Vukic

Cultural diplomacy has certain advantages over traditional diplomacy. Everyone speaks the language of cultural diplomacy. Culture is in everything from the food we eat to the languages we speak.

Bilateral relations between Morocco and Viet Nam have been going on since the opening of embassies in Rabat and Ha Noi.