nagorno-karabakh conflict

September 8, 2017

News this week focused on religion's role in public diplomacy.

Russian capital will be hosting a new round of Nagorno-Karabakh negotiations. But this time the participants are not the presidents and foreign ministers, nor even the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs. This time the problem will be addressed by the spiritual leaders of Azerbaijan and Armenia.

The Mayor of the French city of Valence Nicolas Daragon has announced his decision to join the France-Karabakh Friendship Circle.  Nicolas Daragon noted in his statement that Valence would contribute to the public diplomacy implemented by the France-Karabakh Friendship Circle.

"When Armenian and Azerbaijani youth can hold an online forum avoiding mutual accusations, a real breakthrough will be registered in Karabakh process," [Deputy dean of history chair of Moscow State University, Dr. Alexei Vlasov] said.