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Russia has made its first appearance on the world's “soft power” rankings, coming in at 27th place, news website reported Tuesday. The Soft Power 30 is an annual ranking compiled by London-based strategy firm Portland Communications. The company evaluates the influence each country exerts over others through means other than military power.

His comments not only call into question the honesty of policy statements from the White House, but they also display a fundamental disregard for the news media’s role in informing the public about what its government is doing. Performing that role requires that the relationship between press and government...

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The CNN effect was touted through the 1990s, but today's media-conflict relationship is a bit more complex.

Despite China’s impressive build-up of hard power from its manufacturing industry to an ever-increasing number of fighter jets and submarines, the country’s soft power or its inherent cultural or ideological appeal is in short supply. Many people remain suspicious or even fearful of a resurgent China.

Dr. Chandra stressed that to emerge as a leader in this global race for mind share, India will have to strengthen its reach to the humanity across the globe and for this traditional as well as the new media will be required to be strengthened.

People now live in an information rich environment. Yet in the realm of foreign policy, people may be exposed to an entire array of different, and even contradicting, realities produced by different actors and their framing of events.

Since taking office in 2013, Rufus Gifford has been a popular guest on many Danish radio and television shows. And in 2014, the Ambassador appeared on his own six-episode reality show, which followed his professional and personal life over the course of three months.