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Maps provide the people who live in informal settlements, often for longer than they had envisioned, with tools to track down the resources they need, from doctors to Wi-Fi to mosques. And they enable humanitarian responders to provide recovery and relief. There are a growing number of ways to apply cartography to humanitarian and development missions. While some organizations develop new technology and launch new platforms, others are going back to basics, using pencil and paper. 

The event was organized by an Institute of Cross-border cooperation and integration together with “Znaniye” Society and Gorchakov Foundation. More than 200 experts from 20 regions of Russia and 15 countries took part in Forum’s work. [...] According to their speech, Belgorod Region is one of the most progressive regions in applying of innovational methods of public diplomacy in near-border cooperation.

The Humpty Dumpty Institute (HDI), along with its local Vietnamese partner, Project RENEW, is pleased to announce that it has distributed over 180,000 pairs of new TOMS shoes to children in 260 schools across Quang Tri Province in central Vietnam. [...] Humpty Dumpty's past programs have removed landmines and unexploded bombs, provided food to the hungry, delivered health care efficiently to the sick and impoverished, provided literacy and education to women and girls, improved animal conservation efforts and expanded public and cultural diplomacy.

The book fair, organized by New York nonprofit Printed Matter and held at the Museum of Contemporary Art's Geffen space in Little Tokyo, will feature more than 250 exhibitors, and is expected to draw upwards of 30,000 visitors. This will include art book purveyors from all over the U.S., as well as locations as far away as Norway, Japan, Guatemala and New Zealand.

This year’s International Condom Day theme in the U.S. is “Wrap Your App!” The campaign promoting safety and HIV, STD and pregnancy prevention is a nod to tech savvy individuals built around a smartphone-themed graphic showing a menu of apps. The ‘Wrap Your App’ campaign follows on the heels of the powerful AHF dating app billboard campaign that prompted Tinder to create a Health Safety Section page on its mobile app listing and linking to HIV and STD testing service locations.

A Palestinian who teaches Hebrew and an Israeli Jew who teaches Arabic: Two men in love with their enemy's language, who hope teaching it can boost mutual understanding.

Every January, as temperatures plummet, New York's Public Theater opens its doors to Under the Radar, a festival that features cutting-edge theater from around the world. [...] This year, Under the Radar is presenting work from Chile, Japan, France, Canada, Rwanda — and Brooklyn, N.Y. In a rehearsal studio in the borough's Park Slope neighborhood, a company called 600 HIGHWAYMEN is rehearsing its new show, Employee of the Year.