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"Yours will be a future where human beings, as President Obama has said, have pushed farther into the universe, not just to visit but also to stay. To me, public diplomacy and cooperation in space go together like peanut butter and jelly," Bolden said. 

The Acton Institute has won the Templeton Freedom Award for its documentary film "Poverty, Inc. [...] The feature-length documentary challenges the prevailing culture of charity and promotes entrepreneurship as a positive alternative to ending world poverty.

These heavy hitters all stand to benefit the most from the government's “Cool Japan” initiative, which has less to do with cultural diplomacy than promoting exports of Japanese “contents.” [...] Yasushi Shiina in a Toyo Keizai Online interview. He describes the festival's role as “conveying Japan's appeal internationally through film,” rather than celebrating global cinema.

The agency is supporting camps for displaced civilians on the Syrian side of the border and was not actively promoting the services available in Turkey in the hope of discouraging more refugees from crossing, he said.  “Any individual would like to stay in his or her country… (we) promote them to stay in their own country,” Oktay said, adding AFAD has provided aid in Syria throughout the conflict.

NATO is putting on its most fearsome display of military might in over a decade [...] The war games, which took two years of planning, were rejiggered to add areas where many NATO officials say the alliance has been dangerously deficient, including defending against cyberattack and the use of social media to deceive public opinion.

When considering issues in the Middle East, Americans need to review culture, history and religion. Those are the perspectives Eytan Gilboa, the chair and academic director of the Israel Public Diplomacy Forum, will challenge Tucsonans to adopt at three local presentations this week.