non state actors

Nontraditional U.S. Public Diplomacy: Past, Present, and Future explores how both innovative and traditional strategies can make for effective public diplomacy. 

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UWI Hindu Society Divali 2016, by Anax44

How non-state actors have the potential to further Indian public diplomacy.

The original American dream appealed to adult men and women willing to commit themselves to a risky path of hard work, sacrifice, and hope for a better future. The new dream panders to adolescents and post-adolescents who are fearful of growing up. This is not an accurate or full picture of American life, and neither is it appealing to many people whom America needs on its side.

There are a number of grassroots efforts that are taking to social media to undermine the dominant military paradigm for addressing international issues. One of them is the Peace Factory, who is building a bridge of communication between the people of the Middle East.

Neither the people behind A Taste of China nor those at Light Chaser are intentionally pushing political agendas.  That is what makes this a genuinely new era in Chinese propaganda. These projects have their own voice, yet they do propagate a preferred narrative, one of a problem-free Chinese culture.