One state media take veered dangerously close to racism: on July 24, the day Obama arrived in Kenya’s capital city Nairobi, the English language website of state-run outlet Global Times ran a cartoon titled “Homecoming,” portraying the president wearing what appeared to be tribal attire and carrying a spear near a herd of zebra on an open plain.

During the final day of his visit to Africa, US President Barack Obama is set to deliver a message to the continent with a speech at the African Union (AU). He is later scheduled to meet with civil society delegates.

This weekend in Kenya was set to be the first time the annual Global Entrepreneurship Summit -- co-hosted by U.S. President Barack Obama -- would be held in sub-Saharan Africa, where business owners, policymakers, educators and investors would all be brought together in a developing region that has seen immense economic growth in recent years but still suffers from severe poverty and unemployment.

Describing India and the US as "indispensable partners" in the Asia-Pacific and the Indian Ocean Region, the envoys of the two countries have said the bilateral collaboration can have a big impact on global peace and prosperity in the 21st century.

Merged Flag of China and USA

Jay Wang on why public diplomacy between the two superpowers is more crucial than ever.

Grand Mama Sarah Obama the Grand Mother of U.S. President Barack Obama Jr. endorsed the Safari Initiative, for the first US President ever to visit Kenya. The Presidency, Foreign Affairs and Tourism ministries, and security agencies top the list of State departments that have received millions of the Obama-visit funds.

The Republican/neocon narrative that the United States has steadily lost its standing in the eyes of the world since Obama succeeded George W. Bush has been rather strongly undermined by the findings of a major new survey of 40 countries by the Pew Research Center and its Global Attitudes Project.

Russian President Vladimir Putin called for dialogue based on equal treatment and mutual respect with the United States on Saturday in a congratulatory message to President Barack Obama marking U.S. Independence Day. Putin said U.S.-Russian relations remained important for solving global crises.