peace making

Cultural diplomacy takes political diplomacy a step further. It is a more three-dimensional approach, where there is vastly more investment in understanding the background, culture and history of a group of people, while simultaneously focusing on using love to achieve lasting peaceful negotiations.

Leonardo DiCaprio's movie roles have made him an international star, but his long and little-known commitment to preserving the global environment has led to his new role — as a U.N. Messenger of Peace.  Ban told a news conference that the Dicaprio "is not just one of the world's leading actors" but he has "a longstanding commitment to environmental causes."

The Baker Institute for Public Policy has recently published a report titled, Changing Minds, Making Peace: U. S. Public Diplomacy Strategy in Support of an Israeli-Palestinian Two-State Solution, which emphasizes the important role of public opinion both in reaching and securing a peaceful agreement between Israel and Palestine and in preventing such an agreement. The role of U.S.