peer-to-peer diplomacy

On Turkey's social media handling of the recent coup attempt.

Music in Common is the driving organization behind this weekend's FODfest, aka Friends of Danny Festival, created by Todd Mack and local musicians to honor his friend, the late journalist and musician, Daniel Pearl. [...] "Since 2009, it has produced more than a half-dozen international tours in the Middle Eastern and western Asia regions for both youths and adults, which, according to the organization's website, promote "peer-to-peer diplomacy and cross-cultural ambassadorship."

Last week, the Jerusalem Post announced a new joint venture between the Israeli Prime Minister's office and StandWithUS, a nonprofit organization, aimed at training university students on how to use social media to educate the world about Israel. 

There was a strong diplomatic presence, including Ambassador Shapiro, at the Tel Aviv Gay Pride Parade in 2012

Are there too many cooks in Israeli PD? CPD Blogger Ilan Manor answers.