people to people diplomacy

June 24, 2016

Headlines traveled the globe in myriad public diplomacy exchanges programs. 

They Have No Home, But These Refugees Are Teaming Up For The Olympics

The world's first team of refugee athletes are competing at the summer Olympics. 

The programs under the Japanese Studies and Intellectual Exchange pillar focuses on encouraging a greater understanding of Japan through supporting and promoting Japanese studies overseas, dialogues on critical global issues and shared concerns. 

Amoo Addo believed there was enough food in the west African nation to feed all of its nearly 27 million people, but more had to be done to educate and inspire people to help those in need. The result was a charity, now called Food For All Ghana. 

Aliya Harir was born in 1991 in Karachi, and grew up hating India. As a child, she’d often worry about India attacking Pakistan and ask her father where he’d take her in case an attack happened. But today, she is one of the founding members of the Catalyst, a non-governmental organization (NGO) working for peace. It is a part of the Aaghaz-e-Dosti (start of friendship) initiative, in association with Mission Bhartiyam group of India, to enhance people-to-people relations between India and Pakistan.

The Belarusian society for friendship and cultural ties with foreign countries helps build a solid basis for a peaceful future, chairwoman of the society Nina Ivanova told BelTA. The organization [...] implements programs with the help of 40 societies for friendship with different countries. The strengthening of friendship ties between people living in different cultural, social and political environments helps build a solid basis for a peaceful future, Nina Ivanova pointed out.

Kyrgyzstan’s opposition has reportedly nixed plans to hold a large rally in the southern city of Osh amid stewing tensions on the border with Uzbekistan and an escalating public relations war with the government. [...] Prime Minister Temir Sariyev flew down to address the Kerben gathering, while nationalist opposition leader and all-round troublemaker Kamchibek Tashiyev, who donned military fatigues for the event, was warmly welcomed by the crowd after issuing calls to resolve the standoff with Tashkent through “people’s diplomacy.”

Spring must-reads in public diplomacy scholarship, including American counter-messaging against ISIS and the contributions of PR scholars to public diplomacy.