people to people diplomacy

Seventeen Muslim, Christian, and Jewish women visited Northwest Indiana due to the efforts of the Jewish Federation of Northwest Indiana. The “Cooking a Dialogue” program was started to encourage a dialogue between Arab and Jewish women in the Western Galilee region of Israel. They have gotten to know each other on a personal level as well as learn about each other’s culture, customs, and food.

There have been wonderful, detailed accounts of this historic visit, and its function (cultural diplomacy), nature (friendly and collaborative), and outcomes (artistic and financial commitments), so I won't rehash those here. What I'll focus on instead is the immeasurable component of art itself in the rebuilding of relationships at a people-to-people level. 

Cafe Theatre Festival, by Sebastiaan ter Burg

The Short+Sweet Theatre Festival shows what citizen diplomacy can achieve.

Samsung Official TVC: 'The Anthem' - Rio 2016 Olympic Games

A new ad campaign from Samsung is breaking down geographic borders to create a universal anthem for humanity. 

Explore the public diplomacy bonds between peoples and nations. 

Two towns separated by two continents have spent a weekend celebrating their rock-solid archaeological bond. Thetford and Nagawa, Japan have common ground in their historic use of flint and obsidian. Now representatives from Norfolk and Japan have commemorated the towns’ bond with the world’s first twinning of archaeological sites.

The two day Asian Confluence NADI River Festival is one such example. Organized by the Asian Confluence and India, East Asia Center in Shillong, in collaboration with the Meghalaya government and the Maulana Abul Kamal Azad Institute of Asian Studies, [...] Rivers served as the central theme of discussions, as in addition to serving as a means of transport, rivers have formed as a connective narrative among people for centuries.

President of the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organisation (VUFO) Vu Xuan Hong highlighted that in the current international integration, people-to-people diplomacy should be stepped up to meet the country’s development requirements. The institute is to enhance the study of international issues and public diplomacy serving the activities of the VUFO...