Statue of Liberty at Night

As the Trump Administration marks the completion of its first 100 days, Mark Dillen's analysis of the crisis in America's place in the world remains as relevant as ever.


U.S. Public Diplomacy in an Election Year

In this new video from CPD, the bipartisan members of the U.S. Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy discuss the 2016 presidential elections and what it means for U.S. public diplomacy efforts.

Israel has threatened military action to ensure the Shiite Muslim-led state doesn’t obtain nuclear weapons should diplomacy fail, and the U.S. has also signaled it’s ready to use force. Rohani has criticized Jalili for his intransigence in negotiations over the nuclear work. Iran maintains the work is needed for civilian purposes, such as generating electricity and for medicine.

A soft-power campaign that included documentary films on Russian television and denunciations by Russian officials of human rights violations preceded the uprising in April 2010 that overthrew Kurmanbek S. Bakiyev, a corrupt autocrat who had sometimes thwarted Russian interests, particularly regarding the American base, which the Russians wanted shut down.