public-private parternship

The DARPA Robotics Challenge was one creative initiative that sparked new relationships and pushed the state of the art forward, but other efforts can be made. There is room for new and broader concepts of bilateral robotics and autonomous systems collaboration in a dual-use context, and the United States and Japan can be leaders in this field. The digital revolution is still in its early stages, and its future will be brighter with a long-term U.S.-Japan partnership.

PPP Americas by GOVBA

What makes or breaks relationships between stakeholders in public-private partnerships.

Republic of Congo, by U.S. Army

Diasporas, public-private partnerships, and the limits of digitization.

Infectious diseases that leave victims with cognitive deficits or malnutrition instead of killing them do not typically elicit fundraising galas or research dollars, especially when the illnesses disproportionately impact the poorest of the poor. But a new coalition of funders is now trying to throw these neglected diseases a financial lifeline.