A BBC News Radio presenter and correspondent mocked US Secretary of State John Kerry for bringing musician James Taylor to Paris, evidently to make amends for missing last Sunday’s unity march. 

A powerful pair of lawmakers in the House of Representatives have agreed on major legislation to overhaul Voice of America and other government-funded broadcasting outlets that could have implications for the broadcaster's editorial independence, Foreign Policy has learned.

As Egyptians took to the polls to vote on a new constitution, Alhurra Television and Radio Sawa provided audiences the latest news, expert analysis and reaction from the street. In the week leading up to the election, Alhurra aired a daily program called Constitutional Referendum.

Bringing the world to radio listeners in a unique format, All India Radio (AIR) will launch ‘India 360’ initiative this Republic Day, highlighting India’s bilateral ties with countries by presenting interesting facts and anecdotes. “We will cover all countries with whom we have diplomatic ties. This initiative will be a unique effort to connect the radio listeners with the world,” AIR Director General (News) Archana Datta said.

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta has pledged to review a media law passed by parliament that has sparked outrage among the media. Kenyatta asked journalists on Saturday to report more responsibly, but said he would closely examine the law, which will only become effective once he signs it. "I shall look at the bill once it is forwarded to me with a view to identifying and addressing possible grey areas to ensure the new media law conforms to the constitution," a statement from the presidency said, quoting Kenyatta at a public rally near the capital Nairobi.

Somali security forces have raided and closed Radio Shabelle, a popular independent broadcasting station located in Mogadishu. Law enforcement officers entered the building on Saturday. Station owner and director Abdimalik Yusuf Mohamud says some of the 37 staff members were beaten by police before they were arrested and detained. Police also confiscated computers and other equipment.

While the revolt turned civil war rages across Syria, a group of activists are working to broadcast a new kind of revolution on the country’s FM airwaves – Radio al-Kul... The station, which is based in Istanbul but is one of only a handful of opposition media broadcasting inside Syria, can now be heard in six provinces. Its mission is not only to expand its geographic reach, but also to reach Syrians from across the political spectrum.

Though entirely operated by local civilians, Radio Khorasan is nonetheless a product of the ongoing, uneasy marriage between Afghan society and the American-led NATO military mission in the country. Its roots trace back to an earlier time in the war, when a stable, peaceful Afghanistan seemed only a few battlefield victories and successful infrastructure projects away. From the very start, media was part of the strategy.