red cross

December 18, 2017

Tara Ornstein writes about a new humanitarian diplomacy initiative that documents the scores of migrants who go missing each year.

A Chinese Red Cross foreign aid medical team has carried out screening for the children with congenial heart disease (CHD) in Afghan capital of Kabul to register eligible kids for providing them with medical treatment. 

World Bank today approved a US$50 million emergency project - Somalia Emergency Drought Response and Recovery Project (SEDRP, the Project) - to scale up the drought response and recovery effort in Somalia. Somalia is facing its worst drought in decades, with over half the population – an estimated 6.7 million people – in need of humanitarian assistance and recovery support. The Project will address the immediate needs of communities affected by the drought as well as supporting early recovery and improved resilience to future shocks.

As the leading first aid provider and educator in the country, the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) will mark the celebration of World First Aid Day (WFAD) on September 10 with a lecture and demonstration on basic first aid for children. [...] The activity aims to engage and educate children, together with their parents, on emergency preparedness and basic first aid. 

[W]e found that the ICRC tends to issue such statements only after a massacre has already taken place. For instance, when we studied the Bosnian civil war, we examined the timing of the use of force and the public diplomacy in the form of “naming and shaming” the disputants. The ICRC voiced its concerns 13 times, 11 times quite mildly. The ICRC reacts to international humanitarian law abuses. But its public condemnations do not reduce the carnage in the weeks that follow.

Russia urged the U.N. Security Council on Saturday to call for a "humanitarian pause" in airstrikes by a Saudi-led military coalition to help evacuate foreigners from Yemen and unhindered access to deliver aid to civilians caught in the fighting between Shiite rebels and supporters of the country's beleaguered president.

Lorries from a Russian convoy carrying aid to eastern Ukraine have reached a border post controlled by separatists. But they seem unlikely to cross into Ukraine immediately as the Red Cross said it had still not received security guarantees for the convoy to continue. Earlier Ukraine's military said that separatists had shot down a government fighter jet near the rebel-held city of Luhansk in the east of the country.