December 3, 2011

That India has woken up to the geopolitical and soft-power benefits of boosting its profile in the Buddhist world—in particular, the Buddhist countries in the India-China neighbourhood—is evident from the energies it expended on the conference [of Buddhist leaders].

Before public diplomacy, there was propaganda, a term coined by Pope Gregory XV in 1622...A key observation to make regarding the Pope’s call for the propagation of the faith is that the advent of the printing press, the rise in literacy...and the religious controversies...had already created a European sphere of public comment and opinion by the turn of the seventeenth century.

The basic idea behind producing this film was to create awareness about Sikhism among global audiences by distributing it through Indian missions and embassies.

China hosted a high-profile International Taoism Forum here on Sunday in an effort to spread the religion's influence on the world stage.

The eagerly-anticipated new Jewish community center moved a step closer to completion with a ceremony marking the start of building what will be one of the largest Jewish community centers in Europe. The community centers host an array of events and activities that invigorate Jewish life and also cater to the local community and other faiths.

The Jewish Agency for Israel’s board of governors will convene in Argentina next month between November 14 and 16. Officials said the purpose of holding the event in the South American country is aimed at strengthening ties between Israel and the local Jewish community and battling local anti-Semitism.

Both Jerusalem and Haifa will be sending delegations to an October 31 event in Assisi, Italy, which will celebrate the launch of a global network aimed at promoting environmentally- sustainable pilgrimages among the world’s major religious sites.