Following attacks on Coptic Christians in Egypt and Christians in Iraq, a diplomat tells how Switzerland is trying to combat religiously motivated violence.

The European Union failed to agree on a statement against the persecution of religious minorities on Monday after Italy objected to the omission of any reference to the protection of Christians.

Haji Yusof bin Idris lives opposite the riverfront in Phnom Penh, on the peninsula that divides the Mekong River from the Tonle Sap. He’s the unassuming imam of the modest Alazhar Mosque, which boasts about 2,600 followers. He’s also a pivotal player in the West’s counter-terrorism effort in Southeast Asia.

An exclusive look inside a booming multi-billion dollar, evangelical, global Thai cult.

Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, the archbishop emeritus of Washington, has been named a distinguished visiting scholar at the Library of Congress. McCarrick will study the role of religion in diplomacy and the responsibilities of religious leaders to work for peace and care for the poor.

More than $300 million dollars and thousands of volunteers — all powered by religious faith — have poured in to earthquake-shattered Haiti to help rebuild the country and restore its spirit. Although international governmental aid is the mainstay of Haiti relief, faith-based groups offer significant muscle in funds and volunteers.

Pope Benedict was tonight at the centre of a new diplomatic storm after Egypt recalled its ambassador to the Vatican in protest at the pontiff's call for Middle Eastern governments to do more to protect their Christian minorities.