Dr. Jerrold D. Green, will participate in the China-US Public Diplomacy Summit on June 19, 2016 in Beijing.

A security strategy consistent with this circumstance would be one that is more multi-faceted, that deals with long-standing issues that affect relations with its neighbours in the region. [...] its diplomacy and foreign policy in years to come has to be welded into Asian coalitions. 

[T]he Voice of Libyan Women (VLW), a women’s rights organization focused on peace and security, the tools I use to drive change and create peace are rooted in diplomacy, cooperation, culture, and history. In other words, what some people call “soft power.”

Last night, Republican front-runner Donald J. Trump secured a decisive win in the Indiana primary. [...] International scholars, journalists, and policymakers have started to take this “political outsider” more seriously as a candidate bidding for the most important job in the world. China is no exception; Chinese media even published a series of reports analyzing the rise and popularity of Trump.

China today faces a multitude of security challenges in its neighborhood, with the South China Sea leading the issues that will test China’s global strategy of peaceful development. What are the salient features of the security situation in China’s neighborhood?