September 7, 2016

In response to popular demand, the Embassy of India, Belgrade has launched a new website in Serbian language dedicated to the promotion of Brand India in Serbia. The website has been interlinked with Embassy’s other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Mobile App. This follows from the launch of the first India-Serbia Business Forum on June 27, 2016 in Belgrade. 

Serbian people, like their political leaders, seem to be in two minds about the world and their place in it. According to a recent poll, 42 percent of young people in Serbia would like to see the Russian political system implemented in their country. But on the other hand, when asked where they would ideally like to live, 70 percent of those between 18 and 35 chose the United States or Europe.

The track is meant to "ignite people's hearts with the soft power of music", according to the non-profit Friendship Ambassadors Foundation, which produced the CD. It's being released to coincide with the 70th anniversary of the UN. Appropriately, the musical diplomats have also recorded a cover of Rockin' All Over the World.

Pristina and Belgrade are set for another diplomatic battle over Kosovo’s bid to join United Nations cultural body UNESCO which could further damage relations between Serbia and its former province.[...] As expected, Serbia’s reaction was immediate and fierce. Its leaders vowed to oppose Pristina’s bid, arguing that Kosovo is not a state and has not proved capable of protecting Serbian Orthodox religious monuments and heritage.

If you declare a nation that no other nation recognizes, is it still a nation? Such is the quandary of Vit Jedlicka, a Czech politician and founder of Liberland, a 3-square-mile speck of land between Croatia and Serbia that he plans to turn into a little dynamo of a country. If only the world will let him. 

The second Belgrade NATO Week kicked off on December 15th. Organised by NATO's Public Diplomacy Division in Serbia and the Centre for Euro-Atlantic Studies, the forum gathered young members of political parties in Serbia in order to educate them on basic information about NATO and its principles.

Twenty-five years after the fall of the Berlin Wall signaled the collapse of the Kremlin’s grip on eastern Europe, Russia is reasserting some of its lost influence.  That is most obvious in Ukraine, where unmarked tanks roll across the countryside in support of pro-Russian separatists.

There were 76, but they were dubbed the "Russian 100" — life-savers flown in from Moscow within hours of an appeal for help from Serbia as the heaviest rainfall in more than a century inundated the Balkans in May.