Singer, songwriter and beatmaker JocElyn ellis and professional DJ Andre “A-Minor” Barden recently traveled to Bangladesh to teach hip-hop.


The Association of Turks in Serbia has, due to the great interest of its members, launched an initiative for the introduction of the Turkish language in Serbian schools as an elective course starting in the fifth grade.

In a meeting between President of the Children's Cultural Center of Serbia Olivera Ježina and Iranian Cultural Attaché in Belgrade Mahmoud Shalouei, the two officials inked an Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which is supposed to pave the ground for promotion of cultural relations.

All happy speeches are alike. All unhappy speeches are different in their own particular way. We connoisseurs of the diplomatic public speaking art are fortunate to have one example of a high-profile public speaking occasion where everything that could possibly go wrong did indeed go wrong. If you are working at an Embassy or in a Foreign Minister’s office and are looking for a model for how not do it, seek no further.

December 30, 2013

Serbia and Turkey will sign a cooperation protocol next year to be able to make researches on Ottoman archives as well as Serbian archives. The protocol envisages opening some Turkish documents in Serbian archives to Turkish researchers as well as to help Serbian researchers benefit from the documents in Ottoman archives, Director General of State Archives of Serbia Miroslav Perisic told AA on Monday.

Ukraine's Euromaidan protesters have pledged to stay the course until their political demands are met. So what are their chances? RFE/RL looks at the outcomes of two protests that achieved their aims in Georgia and Serbia -- and two, in Russia and Belarus, that didn't.

Ever since little Kosovo proclaimed itself an independent state five years ago, it has failed to win all the recognition it so craves. Neither the United Nations, which confers legitimacy, nor all the European Union, whose members are divided on the question, much less Serbia, from which Kosovo broke away, recognize the birth of a new European nation. But after a campaign waged by an army of devoted Kosovars and strategically placed allies, Kosovo is hailing a grant of legitimacy by a new arbiter of national identity: Facebook.

The world's largest social network Facebook has listed Kosovo as a country more than five years after the breakaway territory proclaimed independence from Serbia, officials said Tuesday. "Facebook recognises Kosovo as a state," Minister for EU Integration Vlora Citaku wrote on Twitter. And Prime Minister Hashim Thaci said in a statement that he "was informed (on Monday) by senior Facebook executives... about including Kosovo in the global social network".