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Sri Lanka Army's annual defense seminar this year will focus on the soft power and its influence on resolving global Issues. The Colombo Defense Seminar - 2016 is scheduled to be held on Thursday and Friday, September 1-2 at the BMICH in Colombo under the topic 'Soft Power and its influence on Global Issues'.

 However, India’s larger objective is to woo its neighbors through soft diplomacy. The Indian government has formulated a grand plan to promote tourism in places which are part of its "Buddhist Circuit." Accordingly, all of the relevant sites will have airports so that visitors will be able to travel between them with relative ease. 

The foreign ministry has brought a group of journalists from seven countries as part of its public diplomacy to project Bangladesh to the world. The 13 journalists from Sri Lanka, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bahrain, Australia, Qatar, India, and Egypt have come as part of the ‘Visit Bangladesh Programme’ of the government.

Sri Lanka expressed hope today that it would be able to send more workers to South Korea as the two countries develop their ties in a wide range of fields, Seoul's Foreign Ministry said.

With eight percent of the global production Sri Lanka is the fourth largest manufacturer of tea in the world after China, India and Kenya. [...] It is also the first tea producing country in the world which introduced nation branding with Ceylon Tea linked to the Lion logo symbol. [...] The promotion of Ceylon tea linked to the lion logo the symbol of quality, which is the trademark of the Sri Lanka Tea Board.


The latest spate of terrorist attacks in the Middle East and Bangladesh and the unfortunate, indiscriminate killings in Paris have highlighted how misinterpretation of culture, rituals and religious beliefs are affecting peace and stability all over the world. It has also drawn attention to the politicisation of faith and its consequent repercussions. [...] This process [of cultural diplomacy] is reducing the impact of differences in cultures becoming catalyst for conflict.

Pakistan-India cricket matches have also offered opportunities for cricket diplomacy as a means to improve relations between the two countries by allowing political leaders to exchange visits and cricket followers from either country to travel to the other to watch the matches.