SAUT’s radio program takes an informative and educational stance to address and discuss local human rights issues. After an on-air discussion the program invites the audience to participate by calling or texting in their questions, views and opinions. The program has featured fundamental topics that are rarely discussed in rural settings, such as the right to health care in Tanzania, the basic rights guaranteed by the Tanzanian constitution, and the role of the media in a democratic country.

Because of African sensitivities about the presence of foreign military forces on the continent, the White House has gone to great lengths to stress that the president's trip will focus on trade and investment, democratic institution-building, and reaching out to young Africans. But in many private discussions, counterterrorism partnership will also feature prominently.

From 22 to 30 March, Chinese President Xi Jinping paid state visits to Russia, Tanzania, South Africa and the Republic of Congo, and attended the Fifth BRICS Leaders' Meeting. On the way back, Foreign Minister Wang Yi briefed the accompanying journalists about the president's visit.

Minister for Communication, Science and Technology, Prof. Makame Mbarawa has clarified that the plan to migrate from analogue to digital television broadcasting has not been suspended...Tanzania's migration to digital broadcasting began in 2005. In that year TCRA issued the first public consultation document (PCD) on the switchover from analogue to digital broadcasting...

Across Africa, the growing presence of Chinese investments in economy and infrastructure is evident. In the last ten years, various state-owned firms, even a number of private companies, have become major investors in Africa with China being the single largest bilateral source of annual foreign investment in Africa. Indeed Chinese investment permeates almost every sector of Africa’s economy. As of mid-2012, China’s Ministry of Commerce estimated that cumulated foreign direct investment in Africa had exceeded $14.7 billion.

While some suggest suspension of the ongoing gradual switch off of the analogue technology implemented in region after region, others call for more time for preparation as the agreed international deadline is June, 2015. The Media Owners Association of Tanzania (MOAT), for example, requested the government to reconsider the decision, saying the digital migration has left thousands of ordinary viewers in Dar es Salaam, Tanga and Dodoma regions by failing to afford decoders.

President Jakaya Kikwete has underscored the need for increased transparency and accountability in the health sector in order to make the world a better place. Speaking at a dinner hosted in his honour by Global Health Diplomacy (GHD) on Thursday night, the president said transparency had helped in the distribution of ARVs and treated mosquito nets.

Painting artists in the country have been provided with an opportunity to develop their career in Iran, following an exchange program initiated by the Far East nation..."Our goal is to establish an exchange relationship drawing artists, between Tanzania and Iran so that they can learn and exchange the customs and cultures of their respective countries. "