The United States and India, budding economic and political partners, share a common problem. Despite providing aid and repeatedly attempting diplomacy, both nations cannot eradicate what President Barack Obama has called the "cancer" of terrorism in Pakistan.

The user's online handle is Abumubarak, and the forum where he spends hours at a time is not a gaming site or a forum about celebrity gossip, but one of the dozens of hard-line Islamist sites where commenters post news articles, terrorist propaganda, and their own opinions on the subject of jihad.

British Prime Minister David Cameron will call for a new start in relations with Pakistan on Tuesday, eight months after sparking a diplomatic row by saying Pakistan should not be allowed to "look both ways" on terrorism.

An unlikely force for good, one-time Jihadist Ali Fauzi is at the forefront of a drive to extinguish the hatred in the hearts of Indonesia's terrorist prisoners.

Israel may have reached a historic turning point Sunday in the popular media battlefield when the Public Diplomacy and Diaspora Affairs Ministry worked through the Government Press Office to release graphic photographs of the murdered members of the Fogel family.

JAKARTA, Indonesia — On the third floor of a shopping mall here, around the corner from a Gap Kids and a Wedgwood china outlet, a new tenant is busily promoting what is perhaps the world’s biggest brand: America.

February 8, 2011

Ten years and two wars after 9/11, America’s struggle against Islamist terrorism is nowhere close to succeeding. And there is no better admission of failure than new airport security procedures to grope and fondle Americans. But if a superpower like America can’t vanquish this scourge, is there any force in the world that can?

February 2, 2011

The US State Department maintains nine full-time Arabic-language bloggers, two Farsi bloggers and two Urdu bloggers, while the Pentagon also maintains a team of bloggers. The UK's Foreign and Commonwealth Office maintains two full-time Farsi language bloggers.