Hard as it may be to believe when you see the images of the monsoon floods that are now devastating Pakistan, the country is actually on the verge of a critical shortage of fresh water. And water scarcity is not only a worry for Pakistan’s population — it is a threat to America’s national security as well.

We're back at that old game of winning the hearts and minds of people who want to kill us. Except the problem is becoming a homegrown one. Faisal Shahzad may have had any number of motivations to detonate a bomb in Times Square, but his intent was harming his fellow Americans.

India is satisfied with the outcome of the recently concluded BRIC summit in Brazilian capital Brasilia, which has taken on significance as its four members stressed the importance of building a fairer international order and fight against terrorism, said some Indian experts on Sunday.

Rightfully, Americans breathed a sigh of relief this past Christmas when Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab failed in his alleged plan to detonate explosives aboard Northwest Airlines flight 253 to Detroit. In the short run, what he stands accused of doing was a failure. In the long run, however, whether he succeeded or failed depends on what we do in response.

In Russia, however, the problem of terrorism is arguably more difficult than in Europe or the United States. We have radical Islam right inside our borders, in the North Caucasus.