October 17, 2010

After many wars and tears of sorrow and happiness, the capital of Vietnam celebrates its millennial anniversary. This month, the Thai government and the Thai embassy in Hanoi are also celebrating Hanoi's millennium by hosting various activities, including a Thai fruit and vegetable festival, a Thai food festival and concerts in King Ly Thai To Park.

In the mascaraed eyes of Thai teenyboppers, South Korea is ground zero of hip. More than Lady Gaga, more than any local act, Bangkok kids aspire to the saccharine perfection of Korean pop. Thai authorities, however, have proven less welcoming of the “K-Pop” phenomenon. With each new Korean fashion craze comes official warnings that the new fad may blind, disfigure or even kill.

Since international influence played a vital role in bringing about democracy in Thailand in 1992, inevitably it is interesting to know, what exactly are the ASEAN, US, UN and EU responses to the recent Thai crisis?

From outside Thailand, looking in, it may even seem that the travel alerts are a realistic assessment. After all, there have been more than 20 deaths and hundreds of injuries in the red rumpus in Bangkok.

Best Western is working with Volunteer Spirit Organization on the chain's latest activity in which it aims to give back to the natural environment and societies in which it operates. The program included one day trip on April 3 to Samut Songkram Province of Thailand to plant mangrove trees at a mangrove forestation.

APDS Blogger: Paul Rockower

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