Image of the Grand Palace of Bangkok by tawanlubfah via Canva

Thai cultural diplomacy has emphasized traditional culture, which tends to be one-way, and event-based performance, connected with food and tourism.

image of floating market in bangkok by izzetugutmen via Canva

After two decades of gradual public diplomacy efforts, the Thai government has recently accelerated and formalized its public diplomacy initiatives.

Communications strategist with the National News Bureau of Thailand and MPD Alum Silada Rojratanakiat discusses Thailand's efforts to bolster its image by leveraging its handling of COVID-19, and she advocates for Thailand joining the hunt for a COVID-19 vaccine.

The world came together to support Thailand during last year's headline-grabbing rescue mission, write CPD Contributing Researcher Silada (Lydia) Rojratanakiat and Seksan Anantasirikiat.


India and Thailand have a special relationship based on shared history and culture, writes Sudarshan Ramabadran of the India Foundation's Center for Soft Power. 

Seksan Anantasirikiat examines how (and why) Thailand seeks to be looked upon favorably by Mozambicans. 

Zhimin Tang developed the 4I model to describe the corporate social responsibility of Chinese firms in Thailand.