A delegation from China’s Tibet Autonomous Region has made a four-day visit to Britain to promote Tibetan culture and the achievements reached during the region’s recent development. [...] Speaking at a media briefing in London, Mr Baimachilin, the chairman of the delegation, said: “The purpose of our visit is to strengthen the exchange and communications between the National People’s Congress of China with the UK Parliament, as well as the exchanges with the local legislatures.

A cultural exchange delegation from China's Tibet Autonomous Region attended a seminar in Prague on Friday to deepen exchanges with Czechs. Jinmeiwangcuo, head of the delegation and the director of news office of the Tibet Autonomous Region government, said that representatives from Czech Senate and Parliament exchanged point of views with the delegation.

One concerning aspect of China’s rising prominence is its troublesome relations with its neighbours. It has fought both real and legal battles on territorial and ideological grounds on several fronts including in India, Vietnam and on the Korean peninsula in the past [...] But one break in this pattern is the country’s long-standing relationship with Nepal.

Lee Byunghun

The cultural diplomacy of the Asia Pacific Screen Awards. 

It was for the first time since its formation in 2011 that players from the Tibet Women's Soccer team soared the skies and played on an international pitch last month. The Tibetan footballers-in-exile were invited to attend the Discover Football Beyond Borders festival in Berlin, Germany from June 27 to July 6. 

It is a positive image China wants the world to see, one aspect of a controversial program to resettle into permanent homes Tibetan herders who have wandered these parts for centuries. [...]The government rejects criticism that it has repressed Tibetan religious freedom and culture, saying its rule has ended serfdom and brought development to a backward region. The government says resettlement gives herders access to health care and schooling and lets them benefit from China’s booming economy by offering new job opportunities, like working in tourism.

It is for the first time since its formation in 2011 that the Tibetan women football team in exile is travelling abroad. They would be meeting their Chinese counterpart during the trip. The Tibetan footballers have been invited to attend the Discover Football, the International women's football & cultural festival, in Berlin from June 27 to July 6. Other teams to take part in the festival include Brazil, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Tanzania, South Africa, and China. This year's theme of the festival is 'Beyond Borders.'

U.S. President Barack Obama will appear in public at an event attended by the Dalai Lama in Washington in the coming week, the White House said Friday, a move sure to anger Beijing.