Tibet’s newly elected leader, Lobsang Sangay, assumed office on Monday. The baton of the Tibetan freedom movement has been passed on to the new generation born and raised outside Tibet, and China must recognise Sangay’s considerable efforts towards achieving democracy and justice.

Tibet's spiritual leader the Dalai Lama on Wednesday celebrates his 76th birthday in Washington on a visit in which he will offer spiritual teachings to thousands and meet top US lawmakers. rganizers expect up to 10,000 people to flock to an arena in downtown Washington as the Dalai Lama leads a 10-day Buddhist ritual in which practitioners meditate and pray for world peace.

In China, where large areas are chronically short of water and electricity, the mighty rivers that flow from Tibet into South and Southeast Asia are a tempting target. But as China dams more of its rivers in more places, neighbouring nations are worried that the next step may be to divert water on a large scale instead of just using it for power.

January 7, 2011

Tibetan ‘soft power’ has ensured that we are going to see a continued rise in Tibetan nationalistic aspirations along with the flourishing of Tibetan culture and civilization, in tandem with the rise of China as a global power.

As an ancient civilization that has lasted five thousand years, the Chinese civilization has learned a profound lesson by witnessing the ups and downs of other cultures. The lesson is that a culture can be better sustained through openness and become stronger by including diversified external influences.

A visit by Chinese specialists in Tibetan studies provided an important opportunity for Chileans to understand more about Tibet, the director of the delegation said Tuesday.

Moscow's gesture puzzled many, including Beijing and the Tibetan government in exile. Why did Russia - a strategic partner of China - suddenly become so eager to involve itself in the Tibet issue?

This research project examined the public diplomacy implications of pro-China demonstrations held in major cities in North America and Western Europe, within the time frame of the Tibetan Riot in March 14, 2008, and the Sichuan Earthquake in May 12, 2008.