The President's 2016 Budget is designed to bring middle class economics into the 21st century. This Budget shows what we can do if we invest in America's future and commit to an economy that rewards hard work, generates rising incomes, and allows everyone to share in the prosperity of a growing America. It lays out a strategy to strengthen our middle class and help America's hard-working families get ahead in a time of relentless economic and technological change.

Operation Atalanta (EU NAVFOR) has unquestionably grabbed the limelight as the EU’s most important contribution to combating piracy. However, that mission’s mandate ends in 2014, and while it may be extended it appears to be scaling down as the piracy epidemic off the coast of Somalia has much reduced.

The USC Center on Public Diplomacy is now accepting applications for its rigorous professional training program, which runs from July 21 - August 2.

India has offered to train Afghan police to help them prevent future terrorist attacks in a move likely to be seen as highly provocative by long-time rival Pakistan. India has long maintained that its support for Afghanistan is civilian in nature and driven by what its officials call “civilisational links”.

After two weeks of vigorous study, critical debate, and dynamic teamwork, the sixth cohort successfully completed the CPD Summer Institute in Public Diplomacy last Friday.